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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  December 31, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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up. as we take a live view of the comcast center in center city philadelphia a cold start to new year's eve. 24 degrees in the city, much chillier north and west. we'll barely get above freezing. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 new today. i'm chris cato. >> and i'm tracy davidson. you'll need layers tonight and this morning. let's check in with meteorologist britneytney shipp. >> keep the layers on. you'll need it tomorrow heading into tomorrow even but especially today some of the coldest temperatures we've seen in a while. let's take a look outside right now. we are going to see plenty of sunshine as we head into the rest of the morning, but clear skies currently across our city skyline. a closer look at our temperatures. 28 degrees in philadelphia 17 in pottstown, 24 in allentown. only 18 degrees in the poconos, 19 in millville, but the windchill actually feels like it's in the teens. but as we head into the rest of today, by 9:00 a.m. we will see temperatures at 31 degrees by noon. by 3:00 p.m. 33 degrees. cold and sunny. i'll go over all the details on
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what you can expect as we wind down 2014 heading into 2015. that's coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast. for now, let's check in with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. good morning. >> good morning to you. we had overnight construction on the 42 freeway, northbound near creek road and 295, but that cleared about 45 minutes ago. so traffic has been able to move in that area which is good news. we have an accident in montgomery county upper salford township right at east park avenue. use caution at that intersection. for drivers in delaware this morning, no accidents on the majors. this is a live look at 95 at route 1. both 95 and 1 are clear. so is 495. tracy? we have new information on a deadly police shooting in delaware county. we have learned that the suspect caught the attention of law enforcement by making statements at a local gym. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in havertown. monique, what can you tell us about the suspect's deadly trail? >> reporter: hi, tracy. we've been checking into this information overnight. we've got some new developments
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to tell you about this morning. we have learned that joseph pacini actually began his rant here at this gym on sunday and that's how far back the investigation goes. haverford's police chief tells nbc news the 52-year-old pacini openly threatened law enforcement. on sunday, the staff of the gym contacted haverford police about pacini's strange behavior. then monday a detective contacted pacini asking him to come to police headquarters so they could talk to him. instead, pacini who was from clifton heights, posted three hate-filled videos on youtube. then police obtained an arrest warrant, charging pacini with making terroristic threats against police. they also tailed him. here's a clip of one piece of video you may find disturbing. then you'll hear details about what happened on the street in drexel hill in broad daylight. >> a lot of blood shed and a lot of eyewitnesses and it will
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probably go down in the gym. >> he did not fire at them. he used his car as a weapon. >> reporter: now, we have learned that five shots were fired at pacini from police from three different departments. coming up in the next half hour we're going to have more on how this all played out in broad daylight even scaring and frightening children. live for now from havertown, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. and at 5:03 we're also following another police-involved death this morning, this one in cumberland county, where bridgeton police shot and killed a man after a traffic stop last night. nbc 10's christine maddela is live for us in bridgeton this morning. christine, there are still a lot of questions about what led police to open fire there. >> reporter: absolutely more questions than answers at this hour. and we as well as the prosecutor's office are still trying to figure out what led to that shooting but we do know a man was shot and killed by a bridgeton police officer. take a look at video from the scene. nbc 10 crews have been covering
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the story since it happened last night around 9:30. prosecutors tell nbc 10 police stopped a black jaguar at the intersection of south avenue and henry street. now, what happened next investigators from the prosecutor's office are still trying to figure that out. we do know the passenger of the car was the man shot and killed by a police officer. i'm going to try and get more information from bridgeton police as well as the prosecutor's office. like i said they're still trying to figure out what led to this police-involved shooting. i'll let you know when i find out. reporting live in bridgeton, clisionzine christine maddela. happening today, three suspects in the murder of a toddler in chester county will be arraigned today. jillian tait and gary fellenbaum are accused of tortureing and killing tait's 3-year-old son, scott mcmillan. fellenbaum's estranged wife amber, is also charged with endangering the welfare of a child for allegedly watching the abuse take place for two weeks without reporting it. in november police found the
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boy's body at the home in parksburg, where the suspects lived. this morning, grief counselors will be available for students and teachers at ritter school in gloucester county. matthew mccloskey, a fifth grader at that school was crossing route 47 with his friends sunday night when he was hit and killed by a police car. investigators say the officer was responding to a call at the time of the accident. that officer is on leave pending the outcome of the investigation. and this morning, community members in camden will resume prayers for peace. it's a vigil that started early yesterday at the cathedral of immaculate conception. an hour of prayer is being devoted to each of camden's 31 murder victims this year. this story has a lot of people outraged this morning. a pregnant woman is recovering after being attacked and robbed just feet from her home in philadelphia. in this surveillance video, you actually see the man run up behind the woman here who's seven months pregnant punch her in the head breaking several bones in her face. here he goes again. this happened last monday night on manton street in pennsport.
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the robber ran off with her purse and a bag of food. surveillance video captured his car. you see it there. police say he was driving a gray suv. dna evidence helped philadelphia police track down the accused pennypack park rapist. 38-year-old robert palen was serving time in wisconsin for a rape there when a forensic match popped up in the fbi's national database. investigators say the former contractor raped three women in pennypack park in 2010 and 2011. in indonesia, search teams say they may have found the wreckage of the downed airasia plane off the coast of borneo. the sonar detected a large object on the ocean floor in the area where debris and bodies were found floating. there were 162 people on board that plane when it crashed into the java sea on sunday. seven bodies have been recovered so far. heavy rain and rough seas are hampering the search for more victims. in some parts of the world,
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it's already 2015. as for us we're still counting down to the new year's eve celebration, about 19 hours to go here. here's our countdown clock. 18 minutes, 52 seconds away from flipping the calendar to the start of a new year. ♪ and you know new year's eve means final rehearsals for the philadelphia mummers. the fancy brigades got in final practice at the pennsylvania convention center last night, part of their annual mummers fest. the brigades will strut their stuff down broad street tomorrow morning. philadelphia is gearing up for new year's eve fireworks on the riverfront. thousands of people expected at penn's landing to watch two different shows over the delaware river. the first free fireworks show is set for 6:00 this evening. then they'll do it again at midnight. the blue cross river rink will also offer skate parties during the evening. and on the camden side of the river, you can watch the show there, too. the "battleship new jersey" will offer some of the best views of the fireworks. a $10 donation will get you
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right up on the deck of the ship. for more money, you can enjoy dinner breakfast and even sleep over on a bunk. sleeping off all the fun. how about that? spend the night on the battleship. >> fun. and in kennett square new year's eve will bring, what else the mushroom drop. >> yeah. >> 500 pounds of falling fungus. l.e.d. lights in the shape of a mushroom will ring in 2015 for the second year. kennett square of course is known as the mushroom capital of the world. and in delaware kids will be able to ring in 2015 well ahead of their bedtime. the delaware children's museum in wilmington will hold their new year's rockin' noon celebration. when the clock strikes 12:00 today, not tonight, the kids will see confetti and hear noise-makers, followed by a dance party at the children's museum. sounds like fun. all of the area's new year's eve event are right at your fingertips through the nbc 10 news app. it's all new. you can download it for free right now from the app store. champagne not included.
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now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. freezing temperatures settling in for us as we head into the rest of this morning, so our feels-like temperature in the poconos, 5 degrees. it feels like 15 degrees in allentown when you step outside. 17 in pottstown, 19 in philadelphia, 17 in wilmington. your actual temperature at 24 degrees in allentown, 28 in philadelphia 20 in atlantic city and 25 degrees in dover. so, it is very cold even as we head into the rest of the afternoon. we will barely warm above freezing. our satellite/radar shot shows we are going to see clear skies over philadelphia mostly sunny skies as we head into the rest of the morning. once the sun comes up and quiet conditions over the east coast. but it's definitely going to be a cold one. a cold start to your new year. average is 41 degrees. today we're only down to 33 for a daytime high. as we head into tomorrow new year's day, 39 degrees. i'm tracking warmer conditions but also rain back in your
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weekend forecast and an arctic blast. i'll go over all the details in my seven-day forecast in about ten minutes. >> sounds like brittney's got a little of everything for us ahead. 5:10. let's see if there's anything awaiting you on the roads this morning, the final morning drive to work for many of you of 2014. >> yeah nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jillian mele has that. >> and to think i already made my final drive to work of 2014. >> aww, come on. >> good morning, guys. around the city of philadelphia we're not reporting any significant issues on the highways, so that's good news but we are still following an accident out of montgomery county. upper salford township swenkzville road right at east park avenue. use caution at that intersection. that's not completely blocked off. however, you can expect lane restrictions there. this is a live look at 76 right near montgomery drive. that's the eastbound side as drivers make their way into center city. i mentioned no delays there and no delays so far on mass transit. however, i just want you to know new jersey transit on a modified weekday schedule patco
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operating on a special schedule for the day. and septa regional rail lines, a regular schedule is in effect. 5:11 right now. we've been enjoying some of the lowest gas prices in years, but a new tax takes effect january 1st. we will tell you how much more you can expect to pay at the pump. and we continue to count down to 2015. let's take a live look at times square right now. we'll show you how the big apple's getting ready for one of the biggest celebrations of the year. speaking of celebrations here's some of the things going on around our area for new year's eve. the city of allentown will celebrate with music and entertainment leading up to midnight. the party starts at 10:00, ends with fireworks and a bell drop. and here's a spooky way to wrap up 2014. toast with a ghost. ghost tours leave from the powell house in society hill every hour starting at 7:00. ♪
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steps: one -- get your free online valuation. two -- drive to your local car-buying center. three -- walk out with a check in as little as thirty minutes. buying cars is all we do. all makes and models and no dealership pressure we'll even settle your loan or lease. so, don't wait. get your free online valuation now at 5:14 right now. new york city is ready for the most famous drop of them all, that giant, glittering ball in times square. workers tested the 10-ton waterford crystal ball yesterday. it slid down a 13-story flag pole with no problem at all. here's a live look from times square. more than a million people are expected there for the ball drop and more than a billion people around the world are expected to watch it on tv. you can watch "new year's in times square with carson daly" tonight at 11:30 right after nbc 10 news at 11:00. 5:14 now, and to the casino
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crisis in atlantic city. the year will end with the fate of the closed revel casino hotel still in question. the first buyer walked away from the deal and in a few days a potential second buyer is scheduled to go to court. he wants the property to be sold for his initial bid of $87 million, not the final $95 million bid he made. and it's also unclear what will happen with the trump taj mahal. a deal to save that casino fell apart earlier this month, but the taj is open for now, saving 3,000 jobs. investors carl icahn has pledged $20 million to keep it open during bankruptcy proceedings. the taj mahal was slated to close in mid-december. if the taj does fold it would become the fifth atlantic city casino to close in the past year. the atlantic club trump plaza, showboat and revel all closed in 2014. a team of researchers believe the ebola outbreak may have started with bats and a little boy playing in a tree where those bats lived. health officials believe the 2-year-old was the first case of ebola.
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he died last year. the ebola outbreak has now claimed the lives of nearly 8,000 people in west africa. former president george h.w. bush is back home this morning after spending a week in the hospital. the 90-year-old was released from houston's methodist hospital yesterday. he had been admitted after experiencing shortness of breath. a spokesperson says the president is grateful to the doctors and nurses for their superb care. decision 2015 and another candidate will be running for an at-large council seat in philadelphia and a lot of you voters will be familiar with her father. nbc 10 has learned jenay ayers will be running for one of the seats. ayers is 26 years old and studying for her law degree at yale. if elected, she would be the youngest city council member in philadelphia's history. she is the daughter of former fire commissioner lloyd ayers, who retired last june. the deadline for filing for the race is march 10th. pennsylvania drivers will have to dig deeper to pay for gas starting tomorrow because
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gas taxes in the state will be going up nearly 10 cents a gallon. it is the latest in a series of tax hikes to boost construction funding in pennsylvania for the roads. the next increase will come in 2017. and new jersey is considering a plan to turn highway rest stops into shopping destinations. a bill in trenton now would require operators of the new jersey turnpike the garden state parkway and the ac expressway to look into new retail options. those possibilities include billboards corporate sponsorships and even stores. lawmakers say the idea is to raise money for road repairs without charging drivers. speaking of the roads, 5:17 let's check your ride to work. >> i don't know that i would stop to do any shopping, as cold as it is out there right now. nbc 10's jillian mele has a look at the highways. >> good morning. we have an accident out of new jersey, just got word about this on the turnpike southbound as you approach route 322, which is exit 2. it's nothing too major. it's a vehicle that went off the roadway, so the accident it actually on the shoulder not
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blocking anything on the highway. but as emergency officials respond, you can expect to see at least the shoulder blocked in that area. so a heads-up there. upper salford, we had an accident schwenksville road at east park avenue. that's cleared, so no accidents on the majors in pennsylvania right now. even in december the highways are clear. for the lehigh valley nothing to deal with on interstate 78. a live look at lehigh street. 22 is clear of any incidents. so is the northeast extension. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. a freezing start. and as we head into the afternoon, temperatures will warm barely above freezing so it's going to stay cold for us today on this new year's eve. staying cold even as we head into tomorrow below average. and i'm tracking a weekend storm. we could see the possibility of a wiptchtry mix, but for philadelphia, 28 degrees, humidity's at 56%, wind speeds out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour. and we're at 24 degrees in reading, 20 degrees in atlantic
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city. so it is a very cold start to the morning. and if you factor in the windchill, it feels more like we're in the teens, even in allentown, but the actual temperature's 24 degrees, 16 in quakertown 17 in pottstown, 24 in wilmington 25 in washington township, 22 degrees in trenton. temperatures closer to the shore at 29. we're at 27 in lewis and 25 degrees in dover. our radar shot shows us that we're seeing clear skies. we will see plenty of sunshine heading into the rest of today, but it's also quiet throughout the rest of the northeast and really the east coast in general with high pressure that's to the south situated. and it's going to stay there as we head into the rest of today. your feels-like temperature for the afternoon, it's going to feel like we're only at 26 degrees by 3:00 p.m. 22 in pottstown, feeling like 19 in allentown and 11 in the poconos. by 8:00 p.m. 24 is what it's going to feel like 18 in pottstown. so, needless to say, it is going to be a very cold new year's eve. if you plan on heading out, make
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sure you bundle up. at midnight temperatures at 26 degrees with the windchill at 20 degrees. your seven-day forecast shows our actual high today at 33 degrees. take a look at thursday on new year's day 39 breezy and cold. we warm back up a little bit on friday in the 40s. even on sunday at 52. then an arctic blast sends our temperatures back down to the 30s to kick off your workweek next week and we're tracking rain and a possible wintry mix as we head into saturday lingering into sunday morning. a call for body cameras after several high-profile police-involved deaths. more departments are adding the technology. you'll find out which officers in this area are now wearing the devices and what they can record. and new year's eve like you've never seen it before. the unique way one social media site plans to capture celebrations around the world. and speaking of celebration, a couple more ways here to ring in the new year. the philadelphia orchestra is helping to send 2014 out in style. you can catch the 7:30 performance and still make it to
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your next party by midnight. or you can hang out in haddonfield for a night of family-friendly, alcohol-free entertainment. festivities there run from 6:00 to midnight at kings highway and tanner street. it all wraps up with a fireworks show.
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like everything, the life of a dollar bill must come to an end. so what happens once money is taken out of service?
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well here in philadelphia, the federal reserve bank is turning that old cash into electricity. each month, tons of old money is being burned to power homes and businesses in this area. the feds say it's their way of helping the environment. so, how much power does burning the cash create? well you can find the answer to that and the rest of the story right now on the all-new nbc 10 app for the iphone. it's 5:24. despite a downturn on wall street yesterday, 2014 is winding up as another positive year for the markets. landon dowdy joins us with this morning's "cnbc business news." landon good morning. >> tracy, good morning to you. the markets look to end the year on a positive note. futures point to a higher open. stocks slipped on tuesday on pressure from overseas and a sharp decline in utility stocks but it's been a great year overall for wall street. the dow is set for six straight years of gains, the longest stretch since ending a nine-year winning streak in 1999. oil is poised for its worst year since 2008 down about 45%.
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we get data today on unemployment, manufacturing and pending home sales. the dow falling 55 points tuesday to 17,983 the nasdaq shedding 29 to 4,777. snapchat plans to show off a global view of new year's eve. the social media app will edit together videos and photos from users' celebrations around the world, creating a documentary-style look of how people are experiencing the occasion, but items will only be included with the user's permission, and after 24 hours, the content, just like the confetti will disappear. tracy, back to you. happy new year. >> happy new year. we'll see what that looks like. landon dowdy with cnbc. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> i'm tracking cold conditions as we head into this new year's eve, plus cold again for new year's day and also the possibility of a weekend storm. i'll let you know what to expect. that's all coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast. jillian? good morning to you. so far, no accidents to report
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on 95. if you are heading out on 95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine, that's going to take you about 12 minutes. 13 minutes between those two points on the northbound side. coming up in just a few minutes, a live look at the blue route. and we're following new developments in this investigation. a man made threats about police at a local gym and then continued his rant online. >> nbc 10's monique braxton is uncovering new information in one of two deadly police shootings we're following this morning. >> reporter: just after the break, we're going to tell you the connection between this gym here on west chester pike and the incident that unfolded yesterday in drexel hill. and counting down to 2015. from the ordinary to the odd, you can count on nbc 10 to help you make your new year's eve plans. >> here's a few more things you can do tonight if you want to get in shape for the new year you can start 2015 with a run. the fifth annual philadelphia new year's eve midnight run at citizens bank park. you can get there at 9:00 for prerun drinks which i still don't understand. and if you want to get the kids in bed early, you can stop by
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nest on locust street for countdown to noon. children are invited, under 9 are invited for a mocktail party complete with a photo booth, red carpet, food and crafts. that starts at 10:30 this morning. ♪
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this morning, two suspects are dead following two separate police shootings in two different local towns. we're gathering new information on both deadly shootings, including the tip at a local gym that put officers on alert. and we're counting down to 2015, of course. as you get ready to ring in a new year nbc 10 has you covered. we'll take a look at the celebrations taking place across the area today. and a freezing finale to 2014. this morning temperatures are in the 20s and the wind that you see there on the flags making it feel colder if you're heading out. bundle up, layer up. it's not going to get much warmer through the day. it's 5:30. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. we will have all that plus breaking news on a fire in cumberland county in a moment. first, meteorologist brittney shipp has a cold start to our


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